How do I request mnemonics?

Asked by Corin Walker on Fri 12/9/16 12:02 PM Last edited Thu 12/15/16 10:10 AM
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Corin Walker Fri 12/9/16 12:05 PM Last edited Thu 12/23/21 10:27 AM
  1. Navigate to the Student Information System service and click Request Service.
  2. Select Colleague/WebUI as the relevant Colleague System.
  3. Select Mnemonics add/edit as the kind of help needed.
  4. Complete the additional fields.

For efficient processing

  • The supervisor should submit the ticket (which indicates their approval of the request)
  • The user must complete FERPA training in Bridge (and the certification form)
  • The user must request a Colleague account through Pioneer Portal > My Tools
  • All mnemonics needed should be listed in the ticket form, indicating either read or read/write by each
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