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These warnings will display on the Course Details screen whether or not the student has actually met the listed requisites.

As a result, the student will not be prevented from registering for the course based on this information alone.  The actual enforcement of requisites for a particular student is set up in Colleague and uses registration rules.
Colleague Self-Service/Student-Planning allows faculty and course managers to view, as well as update, a section's roster date. A roster may be Updated when the current date is between the Term's Census Date and the Term's End date. Summer sessions currently share a single Term Census and End date. If the current date is outside of that range, or when Final Grading is enabled in GRWP, the Roster will go into view-only mode, allowing the Roster to be viewed, but no changes may be made.
Responsibility is assigned in the Phoenix Responsibilities List but user is unable to see them in the home screen when logged in to Oracle e-Business