Staff Mentoring Program

The Staff Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for staff to share their knowledge and experience with new and existing staff. New staff gains from the coaching, guidance, and encouragement mentors provide. Experienced staff gains a fresh perspective and develops new relationships. Texas Woman's University builds a stronger, more cohesive community. 

The purpose of the Staff Mentoring Program is to develop relationships and facilitate interaction among staff, resulting in a stronger and more collaborative environment. Specifically, the goal is to provide new and existing staff with a valuable resource, a mentor, who offers support and encouragement, and is a point of reference for many additional resources that this campus offers. 

The definition of mentor is: a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Mentoring goes beyond that in the workplace, however, and can help employee retention and can also assist established employees develop leadership skills. But, most importantly, staff members can feel satisfaction in knowing they’ve helped enrich a new employee’s initial working experience at TWU and made a difference in that new employee’s attitude so that he or she will recommend TWU as an employer of choice.

How does it work….

  • Volunteer to become a mentor
  • Receive information about a new employee and that employee’s orientation date
  • Reach out to the new employee within their first month at TWU
  • Establish a relationship

What you can do….

  • Send them a warm welcome and help them feel at home.
  • Meet them on campus for coffee, lunch, or a tour of your favorite on-campus spots, If you have a business card, bring it!
  • Set up a virtual chat to get to know them and share about yourself
  • Discuss working at TWU and the values that are important to our institution
  • Touch base with the employee by phone call or email regularly to ask how things are going
  • Provide encouragement
  • Answer simple questions and help the new employee navigate in their new environment
  • Invite the new employee to come along to TWU athletic events or performance
  • Introduce them to your friends and coworkers
  • Invite them to visit the Student Union at breaks or lunch
  • Accompany them to Convocation or the many student art, craft and bake sales offered during the semester
  • Inspire dedication to TWU and the University Mission


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