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The following information is provided to assist exiting employees in making decisions and meeting obligations regarding their separation from the University.  Questions concerning exit procedures should be addressed to the Human Resources office (940)-898-3555.

NOTICE OF RESIGNATION - An employee who desires to voluntarily resign from the University should submit a notice to his or her supervisor generally two weeks in advance of the intended resignation date.

RESIGNATION LETTER - A written resignation is a formal notice to your department and the University that you are ending your employment relationship with the University.  This letter should specify your last day of work.  Your department will forward a copy to the Office of Human Resources for placement in your personnel file.

PERSONNEL TRANSACTION FORM - Your employing department is required to submit a completed Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) to initiate the termination process.

RETURN OF UNIVERSITY PROPERTY - Arrangements should be made with the appropriate departments to return all University property such as keys (keys should be returned to the University Access office in Facilities Management), pagers, credit cards, books, uniforms, etc.
All University property must be turned in by your last day of employment.

FINAL PAYCHECK - Your final paycheck will be issued on the next regularly scheduled pay date following your termination date.  It will be distributed as usual (i.e., direct bank deposit,  or home address) unless other arrangements are made with the Payroll office (940)-898-3561.

STATE AGENCY TRANSFERS - If you are transferring directly to another Texas state agency and will not have a break in service, your accrued vacation and sick leave balances will transfer to the employing agency.  The transfer agency should be identified on the Personnel Transaction Form (PTF).  For additional information on transferring to another state agency.

VACATION LEAVE BALANCE - If you have a vacation balance and you have 6 months of continuous (unbroken) service with the State of Texas, the balance will be paid on the following payroll run once approval of final timecard and PTF is received in Payroll.  If you are transferring directly to another Texas state agency,  your vacation balance will transfer to the new agency.   Be sure to inform your department that you are transferring so that it can be noted on the PTF.

SICK  LEAVE - Separating employees will not receive a lump-sum payment for any unused sick leave balance.  If you are transferring directly to another Texas state agency, or after a 30 day break in service, but within 12 months you return to Texas state employment, your sick leave balance will transfer to the new agency.  You will need to inform your department that you are transferring to another state agency so that the transfer can be noted on the PTF.

COBRA INSURANCE - The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) is a federal law that requires the State of Texas to allow you and your covered dependents to continue health/dental coverage at your expense.  The Office of Human Resources will notify the Employees Retirement System (ERS) once the terminating PTF is processed.  ERS will mail information regarding your COBRA enrollment to your home address when they are notified of your separation from employment.  An accurate forwarding address should be listed on the Personnel Transaction Form (PTF).

TEXFLEX- When you terminate employment you can only submit claims fr eligible health care and dependent care FSA expenses incurred through your termination date. You can choose to continue participation in your health care FSA through COBRA. To continue participation through COBRA you have 105 days from the last day of the month your employment ends to submit your payment to ERS. You have until December 31 of each year to file claims for expenses you incurred while participating. If you have a TexFlex debit card, the card will deactivate on the last day of the month in which your employment ends. More Information on TexFlex

EXIT INTERVIEW - Supervisors should schedule an exit interview with their exiting employee prior to the employee’s last day of employment. This interview should minimally cover the separation checklists, including information security topics such as exiting employee’s TWU assets or security access including but not limited to: keys, access cards, computer equipment, ID cards, access codes, and any passwords for additional systems/networks accessed by the exiting employee.

In addition, terminating employees may schedule an exit interview with the Office of Human Resources (optional). This discussion allows you an opportunity to discuss your reasons for leaving the University, your opinions of work conditions, and your relationships with supervisors.  

The following forms should be completed on or before your last day of work.

SEPARATION CHECKLISTS- There are two checklists that will need to be completed on your last day of work and signed by your supervisor, or department head.  One is for the employee, (Employee Checklist for Separation) and the other for the Supervisor/Manager (Management Checklist for Faculty/Staff Separation). The forms document that University departments have authorized clearance for the processing of your termination.  Departments include your employing department, the library, public safety, and others.  This is an important part of the exit process and sufficient time should be scheduled for this procedure.



TEACHER RETIREMENT SYSTEM (TRS) REFUND FORM - Exiting employees may elect to withdraw their retirement fund upon termination.  This form must be notarized.  If you are at least age 65 with at least 10 years of Texas state service (or your age + years of service =80), you may be eligible to retire with a monthly annuity and/or retiree insurance.  Additional information is available on the TWU Benefits website or call (940)-898-3552.

SICK LEAVE POOL DONATION FORM- Employees are allowed to voluntarily transfer their accrued sick leave time to a sick leave pool.  This pool benefits other employees who have exhausted their sick leave balance due to reasons such as catastrophic injury or illness.  Please note that once a separating employee donated sick leave to the pool, they may not get those donated hours back should they become re-employed by a state agency.

EXIT QUESTIONNAIRE FORM - This optional questionnaire solicits comments concerning your employment at Texas Woman’s University.  Your comments and recommendations will be examined closely to assist us in improving working conditions and will influence future policy decisions.  This information enables the University to improve recruitment and selection, reduce turnover, and correct problems.  Information shared during this interview will have no effect on employment references or opportunities for reemployment.

ADDRESS VERIFICATION/CHANGE FORM- All exiting employees are responsible for providing TWU with a current address so that the W-2 form can be mailed out to the correct address.

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