Paying an Individual for Services

Procedures have been established for paying employees for services that fall outside their normal range of duties. It is critical that a department determine whether the individual to be hired for a particular job assignment is an employee or non-employee. Refer to the Employee vs. Non-employee status to assist in making such a determination. 


Choose the applicable category below and observe the guidelines that follow.


This category applies to any person who is an employee at Texas Woman's University.

  • All employee employment type transactions are completed through Phoenix, TWU Manager Self-Service. Please refer to the procedures under TWU Manager Self-Service for detailed instructions. 


This category applies to any person who is not a regular employee, student employee, or student of TWU who performs a service such as speaker, musician, or independent contractor.

If you answer "Yes" to all the questions on the form, please follow procedures outlined in the purchase of Professional Services.

  • If you answer "Yes" to some but not all of the questions, contact the Payroll Manager for review of the circumstances. A recommendation will be given as to which procedure should be followed.
  • If you answer "No" to all questions, process a Personal Transaction Form (PTF) to pay a lump sum to the individual. The individual MUST report to HR with a valid driver's license and/or social security card/passport to complete employment forms before payment can be processed.

International Individual (Not a U.S. Citizen)

Special procedures are required. Please refer to Payment to an International Individual for Services.

Manager Self-Service PTF Guide

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