Adding Employees to Payroll

Adding Employees to Payroll


Information is provided to assist departments in processing information for adding new employees to Payroll.


With the exception of Student Employees (see topic below), procedures for establishing new employees on Payroll are as follows:

  1. All new/rehire employees must report to Human Resources on the first day of employment to complete New Hire Paperwork.
  2. The employing department will process a New Hire/Rehire TWU Manager Self-Service PTF in Phoenix. This step can be done simultaneously as the employee is completing new hire paperwork.

Student Employees

Procedures for establishing new student employees on Payroll are as follows:

  1. The student must report to Career Services and complete a New Hire Packet.
  2. The student must bring identifying documents with them to satisfy I-9 form requirements.
  3. The employing department will process a New Hire/Rehire TWU Manager Self-Service PTF in Phoenix to add the employee to Payroll.

Financial Obligations of the Hiring Department

A department’s financial obligation depends upon the student “type” as follows:  

  • Regular student employee: In this instance, the department pays 100% of the student's wages.
  • Work Study student employee: The Financial Aid Office determines if a student is eligible for this program. When a department hires a work study student, 25% is deducted from departmental wages. The federal work student program pays the remaining 75%.  

Student Employment and FICA Taxes

Students who are working in a student position for the University and are enrolled at least half time will not pay FICA tax. Students in their last semester and enrolled for the number of hours needed to complete their study, even if they are enrolled for less than half the number of hours required of full-time students, are eligible for the FICA exemption.

Student Employment During Summer Months

Students who are not enrolled during the Summer, but who are going to work, must be processed through Human Resources as a temporary employee on a PTF.  

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