Time Reporting in Oracle Cloud-Hourly and Student Employees

Hourly employees including students enter and submit time for approval in Oracle Cloud in two week pay periods. Hourly and student employees are paid semi-monthly.
To create a time card in Oracle Cloud:
1. Login to Oracle Cloud – https://oraclecloud.twu.edu
2. Use the company single sign-on to log in.
3. Select the home icon in the top right corner to access the home page.

Create your time card:
On the home page select the tab “Me,” then select “Time and Absences” icon.

Methods of creating a time card: Existing Time Cards, Current Time Card, Add Time Card

  1. Existing Time Cards (recommended) – Create a time card through existing time cards just like in the “Add Time Card” option, but Existing Timecards will show you everything that you have created. You can also check the status or your timecards - submitted, approved, saved, etc.
  2.  Current Time Card – View/Create a current timecard for the current two week pay period. For example, if today is 2/27 and the “Current Time Card” option is selected, it will create the two week time period you are in which is 2/16 - 2/29. You cannot add hours before or after the dates in this two week time period.
  3.  Add Time Card – Select the two week time period you want to create. Create a time card within the current two week pay period or you can do a past or future time card.

Adding or Editing a Time Card: Click on existing time cards and click the plus sign to create a new time card, OR if you are editing a time card find the time card to make changes and then select the three dots on the right side and select “Edit.” Note: You can edit an approved time card if you need to make changes and submit for approval by your supervisor.

Enter your time card:

  • Once in the timecard, select your assignment number first, then you will select a payroll time type.
  • Enter “Regular Hours” only. Add start and stop times. Do not add anything in the quantity field - it will automatically calculate the number of hours when you add a start and stop time.
  • When adding time, it must be the full time stamp. As an example, you would put in 8:00 AM. It will error if you put 8 AM.
  • When finished entering time for the day click save and close.
  • When finished entering time for the pay period click the next button and submit.

Hourly/Student Time Card FAQs:
I do not have any options under Payroll Time Type:

  • Make sure your assignment is selected first under assignment number before choosing a payroll time type or the drop-down will not populate. If the assignment number is selected, select the drop-down on payroll time type and start typing a word, such as “regular”. You can also start typing a word and then backspace the word completely out of the field and the full list of payroll time type options should populate.

Q: I have more than one assignment, how do I enter my time card?
A. Both assignments are entered onto the same time card. Create a row for each assignment by choosing the assignment number first before the payroll time type.

Q: I accidentally submitted my timecard too soon! Can I edit it?
A. Yes! To edit a submitted or approved time card, go to existing time cards (see example above). After updates are complete, submit your timecard for approval. Be sure to notify your supervisor the timecard was submitted again.

Q: I was not paid.
A. Hourly time cards must be submitted and approved in order to be paid. To verify the status of a time card for the pay period, go to existing time cards and locate the time card for the pay date. (i.e. 2/1 – 2/15 pay period paid on 3/1) If it is still in the submitted status, it was not approved in time for payroll processing. If it was approved, find the time stamp as it may have been approved after the deadline for payroll. If it was approved after the payroll deadline it will be paid on the next available payroll run.

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