Termination is not for an internal staffing change. The Change Assignment will terminate the employee relationship with your department.
Employees can submit their own Resignation through Oracle Cloud. If this is complete, there is not a reason to submit a termination.
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Select the Primary Assignment for the Employee to terminate the employee.

If this warning comes up do not terminate the employee unless you are sure they are not working the other jobs. You will need to end the assignment instead. See instructions on how to end assignment.


When is the termination notification date = Date of notice
When does the termination take effect = Last day worked
What is the way to terminate the employee?
Involuntary Termination
Reduction in Force
Why are you terminating = depends on the way to terminate
Death = Death
Involuntary Termination =
057 – Resignation in lieu of involuntary separation
063 – At will termination
067 – Dismissal for Cause
999 – Duplicate record (HR use only)
Reduction in Force = Reduction in Force
Resignation =
051- Inadequate Salary
052- Lack of opportunity for advancement
053- Dissatisfaction with supervisors or co-workers
054- Travel
055- Working hours
056- Dislike/unsuitability for assigned duties
058- Personal reasons not related to the job
059- Reasons unknown 065- Transfer to different state agency
066- End of contract
Retirement = Retirement

Revoke User Access = After termination will keep access through end of last day of employment
Recommended for Rehire = Not Specified unless other instructions are provided by HR
State Employer = This is required if the Reason Code is 065 – Transfer to different state agency

Use the pull down and Search for the state agency / university

Can attach the Resignation Letter (if applicable) here

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