Canvas Outcomes (Academic Units)

Use Canvas Outcomes to facilitate reporting for a degree program using a defined set of competencies / outcomes. Instructors assess students in their courses on these competencies as outcomes using Rubrics to provide feedback and ratings on their program progress. Program level data exports summarize student competencies / outcomes for reporting to the accreditation body.

This article outlines the process to apply Canvas Outcomes and Rubrics into the semester courses for a degree program. Academic Unit Leadership or their degree program assignee work with the Canvas Administrator to define Outcomes and Rubrics to facilitate reporting to the accreditation body. 

Get Started Using Canvas Outcomes

The procedure to get started include:

  1. Contact CD3 to be assigned a project manager to help configure Canvas Outcomes for your degree program.
  2. The Canvas Administrator will create an Outcomes sub-account named after the accreditation / certification. The outcomes (competencies) will need to identified and imported into Canvas. In the Outcomes sub-account Outcome Admins (identified by Academic Unit Leadership) will be added into the Outcomes sub-account to create a collection of Shared Rubrics that are aligned with the imported outcomes.
  3. In the Outcomes sub-account Blueprint Course Developers (identified by Academic Unit Leadership) will request Blueprint Course shells for each Degree Program Course. In each Blueprint course an Outcomes (Competencies) Module will be developed. Each Degree Program Course has a defined set of outcomes (competencies) that are measured. Blueprint Course Developers are responsible for ensuring the required Outcome Assignments are included in the course material and locked to ensure program consistency and accreditation compliance.
  4. Before the start of the semester the Canvas Administrator will move the Degree Program courses into the Outcomes sub-account and synchronize with the appropriate Blueprint course.
  5. At the end of the semester the Canvas Administrator will run and export the Outcome Results CSV file and the Student Competency CSV file from the Outcomes sub-account. These export files will be sent to the Academic Unit Leadership or their degree program assignee to format and send to the accreditation body.

Support Options

  1. Contact to request a Canvas Outcomes project manager. 
  2. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket. 
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