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Mail Forwarding

Will a forwarding address be completed at the Post Office for the whole university or does each department need to complete one?

TWU Business Mail Services is working with USPS on the changeover. Departments need not worry about forwarding mail.

General Address/Zip Codes

What is the zip code for TWU’s physical addresses?

All Zip Codes on the Denton campus are either 76204 or 76209, depending on the building. 76201 is an off-campus Zip Code.


Are we able to use the remaining department letterhead with the old PO Box information to use up the stock?

There is no reason to destroy your office supplies. When it's time to re-order, use the correct address information.


What are the hours for pickup?

Although Business Mail Services is staffed from 0730-4:30, the early mornings and late afternoons are for mail processing. The Service times are from 9am - noon and 1 - 3pm. (*2pm is the cutoff time for mail needing to go out that same day)  (**10-day notice for large mailings)


For postage, do we buy stamps?

TWU Business Mail Services still has metered mail service. We simply need a valid account number (with available funds) for the IDT afterward. (*Stamps are not a valid purchase for PCard holders).


How will we collect our mail?

USPS will not come to campus. Business Mail Services will need to pick up all TWU mail each day at the main branch on McKinney. We will sort it into the existing department boxes we already have. Departments will come by like usual to pick up their mail. (currently located in Old Main, room 109)

Package Notifications/Package Delivery

With physical addresses, will deliveries by UPS and FedEx be routed to individual departments instead of being sent to the FMC Warehouse?

The answer is "It depends". Much of what is ordered comes to Central Receiving but some departments in buildings like SRC/Hubbard/Library have their own loading dock for direct deliveries. Office supply orders from Summus/Staples are supposed to be delivered direct to the department location (by contract) so for orders to Summus, definitely use your building/floor/room number, etc in the address line.




Does this mean we no longer pay for PO boxes?

There will be no PO Boxes to renew. (unless the department wants to rent one from the main branch on McKinney Street - which case, the department will be responsible for getting its own mail)

Procurement – Pcard/Travel Card

Will our Pcard billing address be automatically updated to the physical address?

Procurement will need to update pcard and travel card addresses with the bank. Currently, there is no rush. As cards expire, they can be reviewed for the correct billing information.

Transition date

Do we need to wait until June to begin using the physical address for mail?

It will be best to wait until June. By the end of May, we will collect all of the business mail before USPS vacates the building.


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