Quick Start Guide: Teaching HyFlex Courses in TWU Classrooms

HyFlex ("hybrid flexible") is a course delivery model in which an instructor teaches an in-person and a synchronous online class session at the same time. To teach a HyFlex course in a TWU classroom the following equipment will be required:

  • User Control Interface - A centralized control panel that is located near the presenter podium. The touch screen or push button devices serve as a single location for turning audiovisual equipment on and off, selecting sources for display, adjusting the audio levels, and contacting the Service Desk for technical assistance.
  • Computer - Classrooms have a desktop PC or Apple computer. The computer can be accessed using a TWU Pioneer Portal login and password. The computers have internet access.
  • Microphones - The classroom must be configured with a room microphone.

Before Class

When you enter the classroom the User Control Interface should be inactive, the projector should be off, and the computer should be on. Contact the Service Desk if you need technical support. To get started you need to open your Canvas course and join your Zoom meeting. Log into the computer in the classroom:

  1. Touch any key on the computer keyboard to activate the computer screen.
  2. Enter your TWU Username and Password to log into the computer.
  3. Open the browser (Chrome) and log into Canvas. Review: How to Log into Canvas
  4. Open your Canvas course and join your Zoom meeting. Review: Zoom in Canvas (Instructors)

During Class

Execute your HyFlex class from Zoom:

  1. Screen Sharing - Sharing your screen, Video layout options while screen sharing, Switching Windows During Screen Sharing, Optimizing a shared video clip in full screen, Sharing Computer Sound During Screen Sharing, Requesting or giving remote control, Sharing a whiteboard, Using annotation tools on a shared screen or whiteboard.
  2. In-meeting Chat - The in-meeting chat allows you to send chat messages to other users within a meeting. You can send a private message to an individual user or you can send a message to an entire group. As the host, you can choose who the participants can chat with or to disable chat entirely. Private messages between participants are not viewable by the host.
  3. Record the Zoom Meeting - Click the Record button and select Record to the Cloud to begin recording. Your Zoom Cloud Recording will be automatically saved to your Canvas course. Click on Panopto Recordings to access your Zoom Meeting Recordings. Review: Zoom Recordings (Instructors)

After Class

Before you leave the classroom it is important to reset the classroom for the next class. To log out of the computer follow these steps:

  1. On the computer, click Windows Start Menu and select Log off.
  2. Return the classroom to default settings. Contact the Service Desk if you need additional information.

Support Options

  1. The Quick Start Guide was compiled from the Teaching and Learning Guides Teaching HyFlex Courses at TWU and Information Technology Services Classroom Technology Instructional Videos
  2. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to design learning activities for students or talk about effective ways to interact with students with Zoom in your Canvas courses.
  3. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.


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