Requesting a Project

How to submit a Project Request to FMC


Finding the TWU iServiceDesk

*For the best experience, please use Internet Explorer.

  • In the menu on the left of the screen, click on Project RequestNote: If this is an emergency, please call (940) 898-3137

Filling Out the Project Request

On the Project Request webpage, complete the sections for Contact Information, Project Details, and Funding Source.

Select the department name based on your Dean/AVP’s role at the University and enter the name of the department head or chair on this request page.  Project requests are made on behalf of the department head or chair.  Approvers will contact this department for information on your request.  Attachments up to 4.2MB are allowed by the system and other files may be emailed to, along with the Project Request number, if the file is too large to attach.

1.  Enter project details in the Scope of Work field.

2.  FMC requires an account number and budget amount on submitted Project Request Forms (PRF). 

However, there may be times where the specific project account will be created once the request routes to F&A for their approval.  When this is the case, list “TBD” on the account number line, and in the description of the request, you can leave a note about the funding source or information regarding splits between accounts in this same way.

3.  Use the Request Type field to specify whether you are submitting a PRF, PIF, or CAP request. (For information on these request types, please refer to the Project Request Information page.)

4.  Click Submit to submit completed request.

Request Type

Request Type

Request Type

PIF – Project Information Form
PRF – Project Request Form
CAP – Capital Project Requests
Amount may be zero, if unknown
Amount must be populated
Used for amounts expected to be greater than 100K
Account may be zero, if unknown
Provide funding account, unless budget office needs to setup a project account, then enter TBD
Provide funding account, unless budget office needs to setup a project account, then enter TBD

5.  Requestor receives an email with Project Request number.  To search for this number, use “Search by number” query on the iServicedesk home page, which provides the current status of the request.


A status of "Accepted" in the request portal does not equate project approval by FMC, but rather that approvals have been provided and the request is now in the projects workflow for review and assignment.

FMC will notify the requester when projects are assigned.

For questions regarding the request form or process, assistance is available during Monday through Friday during working hours by contacting the project administrator, Dawn Byrd, at (940) 898-3592, or

Click here for information on TWU Organizational structure.

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