Submit a Cielo24 Captioning Services Request from Panopto (Instructors)

All audio and video content must be made accessible to students at the time of dissemination according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state regulations for digital accessibility. The federal and state laws require all video content to be captioned accurately rather than solely using auto-generated captions or transcripts. Instructors should submit audio and video files to be captioned for use in their Canvas course.

Note: Audio and video content not owned by the instructor or the University could potentially be subject to copyright restrictions. The instructor should contact the copyright holder for copyright approval before the video is captioned. After contacting the copyright holder, instructors should complete the Captioning Permissions & Process Form.

If you do NOT want to use Cielo24 to caption audio and video files in your Canvas courses the following options are available:

  1. It is possible to obtain fully captioned content from the TWU Library and link these into Canvas courses.
  2. Center for Development, Design and Delivery (CD3) offers training for Graduate Assistants, student workers, instructors, and other resources to create closed captions.
  3. Look for resources available in your college to caption videos and contact as needed for additional training

Cielo24 Commercial Captioning Services Procedure

At this time, only audio and video recordings in Panopto can be submitted for closed captioning by Cielo24. To submit an audio or video file for closed captioning the instructor needs to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Cielo24 Captioning Request for Approval Form
  2. Open your Canvas course
  3. Click Panopto on the Course Navigation Menu
  4. Hover the mouse over the Panopto Recording that needs to be closed captioned and click Settings
  5. In the pop-up window, click Captions from the left menu
  6. In the Request Captions section, select the Cielo24 Standard service level (48-hour turnaround)
  7. Click the Order button to submit your caption order

  1. The instructor will see a confirmation of the last captioning request under the Captioning window.
  2. After 48 hours confirm that closed captions are available in the Panopto Recording and complete a quick quality assurance review to confirm caption accuracy. If you have any concerns submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.

Support Options

  1. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to learn more about making audio and video content accessible to all students in your Canvas courses.
  2. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.
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