URP: V.11.b Faculty Summer Salaries Paid From Grant and Contract Funds


The purpose of the URP is to specify parameters for salaries paid from grant and contract funds. 



Institutional Base Salary (IBS) is the annual compensation paid by the university for an individual's appointment, whether that individual's time is spent on research, instruction, administration, or other activities. IBS excludes any income that an individual earns outside of duties performed for the university.



Charges for work performed on Federal awards by faculty members during the academic year are allowable at the IBS rate. In no event will charges to Federal awards, irrespective of the basis of computation, exceed the proportionate share of the IBS for that period. This principle applies to all members of faculty at an institution. Unless there is prior approval by the Federal awarding agency, charges of a faculty member's salary to a Federal award must not exceed the proportionate share of the IBS for the period during which the faculty member worked on the award.

Faculty receive no more than the same salary, pro-rated as appropriate, when they are paid from a grant or contract as they do when paid as specified in the regular academic or summer contracts. Fees for consultative services provided by faculty are determined on a case-by-case basis, as specified by contract with external clients.




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