URP: III.11.d Affiliated Faculty Appointments

RATIONALE AND Need for policy

In order to foster interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaborations, affiliate faculty appointments may be considered for full-time faculty or academic administrators at Texas Woman’s University who, by virtue of their credentials and expertise, are deemed qualified to make significant contributions to an academic or research unit outside of the academic component in which they hold their primary appointments.


Policy Statement

With appropriate qualifications and the consent of both the faculty member's home department and the affiliated unit, affiliate faculty may be authorized to teach courses, advise students, supervise internships, direct student research, and/or serve  on  graduate committees in  the  affiliated department or unit.  To teach graduate courses and to serve as a member of graduate student committees, affiliate faculty are required to be members of the graduate faculty.   For an affiliate faculty to direct graduate student committees or direct graduate students’ professional papers, theses, or dissertations, the affiliate department/program head makes a recommendation to the Dean of the Graduate School for approval. Affiliate faculty may also contribute to the affiliated unit’s research mission through research initiatives or collaborative projects.  They may also perform service to  the  affiliated  unit  through  such  activities  as  serving  on  committees  (e.g., curriculum committees, search committees, planning committees).  Affiliate faculty will be credited workload units for teaching courses in the affiliated unit and for any approved non-teaching duties in the affiliated unit, in accordance with TWU Policy 5.07 Faculty Workload.


Individual colleges, schools, departments, and programs (hereafter, “academic component”) may establish affiliate faculty appointment guidelines and procedures to augment this policy.  Subject to the requirements for affiliate faculty appointments articulated in this policy, each academic component may determine the criteria for affiliate appointments with respect to teaching, scholarship, and service within the particular unit.  Criteria for component affiliate appointments must be approved by the appropriate dean.  With appropriate advance notice, the affiliate faculty member, the home academic component, or the affiliated unit may terminate the affiliate faculty appointment at any time, subject to the approval of the dean(s) of the college(s) in which the home academic component and the affiliated unit are housed.


Seeking or accepting affiliate faculty status is voluntary on the part of the faculty member.  A faculty member may choose to decline affiliate faculty appointment or reappointment without negative outcomes.


Process of Appointment


  1. The faculty member or administrator seeking affiliation submits a formal application to the leader of the academic component with which the affiliation is sought.   Documentation constituting a formal application includes the following:
  • An  application letter  describing the  individual’s credentials and proposed contributions  (teaching,  research,  and/or  service  commitments)  to the mission of the unit;
  • A current curriculum vitae;
  • A memo of support from the individual’s primary/home academic component leader, in  order to avoid conflicts with performance expectations;
  • A memo of support from the individual’s College Dean (if the proposed affiliated unit is not in the individual’s home College).


  1. Upon receipt of the application letter, curriculum vitae, and memo(s) of support, the academic component leader will make a decision about the individual’s affiliation in consultation with her or his faculty.


  1. If the decision is positive, the academic component leader forwards to the Dean of the College in which the affiliated unit is housed a recommendation for the faculty member to be affiliated with the unit and copies the recommendation to the proposed affiliate faculty member’s home academic component leader and Dean (if the proposed affiliated unit is not in the individual’s home College).  If the proposed affiliate faculty member will be teaching courses in the affiliated unit, the academic component leader will also submit a TWU Faculty Credential and Qualifications Documentation Form to the Dean of the College.


  1. Upon approval of the Dean, a Memorandum of Understanding will be developed to include the work to be done by the faculty member for the affiliated department and the beginning and ending dates of the appointment.  This Agreement is signed by the faculty member, the academic component leader, the affiliated academic component leader, and the Dean(s) of both academic components.  This Agreement is forwarded to the Provost.


  1. The Provost sends a letter granting Affiliate Faculty status and specifying any rights and responsibilities attached to the affiliate status.



Those Affected by the Policy




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