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Phone Banks (Phone-a-thon)

Features Unified Communications can support a phone bank of 16 phones per location. Phone banks can be setup in Denton ACT rooms 502, 503, 602, and 603. Getting started Contact University

Technology Service Ticketing System

Features Through the Service Center Client Portal, TWU faculty, staff, and students can request technology support and manage their service tickets. Self-service options include creating a ticket

Information Security Training

Features Information Security Training is mandated by the State of Texas and is required to be completed at hire and annually thereafter by all employees and contractors that use a computer for 25

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

Features SSL guards network access, online communications, and digital transactions by enabling a secure channel between servers and users.  A trusted SSL certificate assures web users that a web

Cellular Discounts

Features Mobile phone providers usually offer discounted rates to TWU employees, since TWU employees are also state employees. To see if employees can receive a discount on their service, simply

SSO Authentication (Shibboleth)

Features Shibboleth is an authentication system that provides single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to protected online resources in web applications allowing web sites to make informed authorization

Conference Room Technology

Features PC content can be shared in conference rooms. Denton Open Rooms ACT 502 ACT 602 Denton Department-Owned Rooms ACT 1210 - Seats 15  - Features PC BHL 101 Seats

Classroom and Web Conferencing Technology Training

Features TWU Technology staff will provide training to build self-sufficiency in learning to operate the equipment in classrooms and web conference rooms. Getting started and support Contact

Standard Software

Features TWU is committed to providing access to software necessary for faculty, staff, and students to pursue their goals. To request a software installation, please contact the Technology Service

Digital Signage

Features Digital signage is a way of electronically displaying information on a screen.  Departments interested in digital signage may contact IT Solutions to receive consultation on product

Request Service through the TWU Service Catalog

A captioned video of these instructions is available on YouTube. Navigate to the TWU Service Catalog. Find the service entry for which assistance is required. Click Request Service. If