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Generating a Pipe-Delimited Text File from an Excel Spreadsheet

From the Start menu, Click Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Region and Language. The Region and Language dialog box will appear.  Click Additional Settings. The Customize Format dialog

Create Outlook Signature on Mac

Click Finder and select Applications under Favorites. Open Microsoft Outlook. Select Outlook in the menu-bar and select Preferences. Select the Signatures icon. Select the Standard signature

Download to Microsoft Word and Formatting

Log on to the Sedona System ( using Chrome or Firefox. Click CV.  Click Word. A Word document appears in the lower left corner with a file name of .doc. Double-click to

How to View Grant Awards

Go to Log on as a college Under Activity Aggregations, select Honors, Awards, and Grants The default view is for all departments, the last five years, all types of grants (teaching

Apple TV

Denton Conference Room On TV remote, change the input to Apple TV. Connect to twunet-share wireless network on the Apple device. Password: 2-getherlearn Select AirPlay on the Apple device

Department/Component Administration

Log on at the College/Department/Component Level Navigate to Select Account Type “Department” or "College" Enter your college ID Enter your department ID Enter your

Request VPN (Off-Site Network Connection) Access

Navigate to Workflow Next to New Form: click VPN Request Form. Read the User Agreement. Check I Agree to the Above. Click Save and Submit. The immediate supervisor will be notified to

Change a Portal Password

To reset a password because it has been forgotten or lost, navigate to the following website. To change a password, navigate to Portal. To reset or change an Alumni password, navigate to Portal

Clear the Cache on an Internet Browser

Each internet browser features a cache or history of visited sites. This feature allows frequently visited pages to load more quickly since repetitive information is stored. However, the cache can

LinkedIn Learning suggested courses about Google

Gmail Essential Training Google Docs Essential Training Google Calendar Essential Training Google Sheets Essential Training Google  Classic Sites Essential Training Google Sheets Advanced

Connecting to a TWU desktop from off campus (Remote Desktop)

Step 1: Connect to TWU VPN with Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication Before connecting to a TWU desktop from any device, both Cisco Anyconnect and DUO Authentication must be installed and

Use Google Calendars

All TWU students, faculty, and staff have access to Google applications. Google calendars can be used as a class planner! Students can have private or shared calendars, and can have multiple calendars

Remove RSS Feed in Outlook

​Delete the  RSS feed folder, once deleted this will delete the folder and cancel the RSS Feed. In the Navigation Pane,expand the RSS Feed folder Right click on the folder to remove. Click

Remote Desktop (RDP) from iPad - if already on the internal TWU network

To connect to a Windows PC Open the App Store app Find the search box in the top right-hand corner and type Microsoft Remote Desktop. Choose to download the app. Open the new RD Client app

Monitor Shows Message "No Signal/Input Device Detected"

This error is the result of power management settings. Try to "wake" the machine up by using an input device (e.g. keyboard/mouse movement) If that fails, the computer froze while in standby