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Digital Signage

Features Digital signage is a way of electronically displaying information on a screen.  Departments interested in digital signage may contact IT Solutions to receive consultation on product

Technology Service Ticketing System

Features Through the Service Center Client Portal, TWU faculty, staff, and students can request technology support and manage their service tickets. Self-service options include creating a ticket

Standard Software

Features TWU is committed to providing access to software necessary for faculty, staff, and students to pursue their goals. To request a software installation, please contact the Technology Service

On-Site Support

Features Computer Peripheral Install and Support IT Solutions staff will install and troubleshoot equipment that may include, but is not limited to, printers, scanners, multi-function devices

Data Transfers

Features When a user’s computer is replaced, IT Solutions staff will ensure all files stored on the local desktop, Libraries, Favorites, or My Documents folder are transferred to the new computer

Conference Room Technology

Features PC content can be shared in conference rooms. Denton Open Rooms ACT 502 ACT 602 Denton Department-Owned Rooms ACT 1210 - Seats 15  - Features PC BHL 101 Seats

Computer Allocation and Replacements

Features Computer Allocation Most full-time faculty and staff are allocated a single primary device based on their position and use case. This device is replaced on a replacement plan cycle

Voice, Video, Text Chat (Google Meet, RingCentral, or Zoom)

Features Google Meet can be used to make/receive video or voice calls. All TWU faculty, staff, and students have a google account. There is also a mobile app available which allows for text

Shared Email and Public Folders

Features Public folders in Outlook are used to share information. For instance, a public folder might be for a departmental calendar, a message board, shared email, or a variety of other

Mailing Lists (Listserv)

Getting started Access the mailing list service at (access on-campus or connected via VPN) Mailing lists (listservs) are subject to University Regulations and Procedures

Instant Messaging (Google Chat, RingCentral)

Features Instant messaging (IM) Audio, video and web conferencing Presence Mobility Ad hoc screen sharing Online meetings Getting started and support Contact the Technology

Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive)

Features Google Drive: My Drive & Shared drives Comes with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, a collection of apps designed for developing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files

Calendar (Google Suite and Outlook)

Features Google Suite Calendar Mobile interface and content Calendar sharing Sync with mobile devices Multi-calendar view and/or overlay Integration with Google Apps Good

Technology Integration

Features IT Solutions assists in evaluating needs and ensuring the technology requested will fulfill those needs. Prior to purchasing any technology items (hardware or software), the IT Solutions

Colleague-Look Up a Student Schedule (STSC)

For faculty and staff Open the STSC mnemonic in Colleague. In the Student LookUp box, enter the student's ID or name. Click Ok. In the Term LookUp box, enter the semester in this format