Where can I find my TWU ID? (the 9 digit one)

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Asked by Hannah Fisher on Wed 3/29/23 8:23 PM
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Corin Walker Fri 3/31/23 10:43 AM

TWU ID is on a TWU ID badge. Also, Log in to portal.TWU.edu with TWU username and password. After Logging in, the first page displays person information, including TWU ID number. 

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To change our password, we have to use the 9 digit password. The info you gave is for the 7 digit id. What are the other two numbers on the id and where is it? I've looked on every page and only find the 7 digit id. - Debbie Strauch Sat 5/27/23 8:24 AM
Sorry, the 9 digit id not password. My mistake. - Debbie Strauch Sat 5/27/23 8:24 AM