What does ITS recommend for a home set up?

Asked by Heather Davis on Sat 8/21/21 1:10 PM
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Heather Davis Sat 8/21/21 1:23 PM Last edited Sat 8/21/21 1:24 PM

For students, any well-reviewed Windows OS or Mac OS device is recommended. Chrome OS (aka Chromebooks don't allow downloaded software, which means students won't have access to SPSS, nor can they use Respondus Lockdown, which many faculty require for remote testing). Refer to hardware discounts for potential savings.

For employees, IT Solutions recommends a webcam and headset for all remote workers. ITS supports and recommends HP products. For a stable internet connection remotely, be sure to procure an ethernet adapter to connect directly to your home network.

Additional technology will depend upon the work requirements of the remote worker. A laptop is the recommended device for co-located employees because this allows the employee to access the files and resources they need without relying upon remote desktop.

If you're remote at least 25% of the time, you might want to replicate your desktop set up at home. This, however, depends on the type of work you're doing. Maybe you need a dock at home, maybe you don't. Maybe you need multiple monitors at home, maybe you don't. You might wish to have an additional keyboard or mouse or a 10-key pad. Perhaps you need a printer at home--but remember you can't print to a home printer while connected to VPN.

If you are 100% remote and always-on-the-go, then a laptop with headset may be sufficient.

Quotes are required for laptops, computers, docks, and monitors. Peripherals (ethernet adapters, keyboards, mice, 10-key pads, ink, etc.) may be purchased without a quote following University procurement guidelines and procedures.

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