Why isn't my password working?

Asked by Heather Davis on Mon 4/13/20 8:46 AM
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Heather Davis Mon 4/13/20 8:54 AM

Nearly all TWU systems require only the username to log on (the part before the @twu.edu in your email address); some may require @twu.edu. It's best to try username only first and then username@twu.edu if that fails. 

Saved passwords create problems when logging on to various systems. Following the steps below will help diagnose any issue:

1. Type your password in Notepad
2. Copy that password
3. Open an incognito/private browsing window
4. Navigate to portal.twu.edu
5. Enter your username
6. Paste your password
7. Log on

If successful, follow these steps:
(If unsuccessful, then we know the password is the issue and you can change that at portal.twu.edu)

8. Open another private/incognito browser window
9. Navigate to the site where you are having issues logging in
10. When prompted, log on with your username
11. Return to Notepad & copy your password
12. At the log in site, paste the password and try to log on

If you're able to use those exact steps to log in to Portal but are unsuccessful with the other site, please notify the Technology Service Desk at 904-898-3971 or techchat.twu.edu or servicedesk@twu.edu. 

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