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New SLIS student here trying to do a class search but it is saying I do not have the correct criteria. Are classes only available to search when we can register?

Thank you!

Jamie Mathis

Asked by Jamie Mathis on Mon 3/20/17 1:33 PM Last edited Fri 7/7/17 11:33 AM
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Corin Walker Tue 3/21/17 8:24 AM

Hi Jamie,

On the TWU home page (, click Students, then Current Students.  On the Current Students page, click Class Schedules. The WebAdvisor page appears. In the lower right corner, click Search for Classes.

On the Search for Classes page, enter the specific criteria and click Submit.

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Corin Walker Mon 3/27/17 10:13 AM

Thank you for adding this detail. In this type of situation, please contact the department. It is possible that the course scheduled is still being finalized. 

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Jamie Mathis Thu 3/23/17 12:30 PM

Yes, thank you for getting in touch with me, but I'm already aware/have tried doing this. I've experimented with other classes and everything shows up fine. The library science courses are what I can't find classes for.


Thank you,


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