Why did I receive notice that delivery failed to an email address?

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Asked by Heather Davis on Wed 8/24/16 1:36 PM Last edited Tue 11/8/16 5:01 PM
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Heather Davis Wed 8/24/16 1:37 PM

When an email is "bounced back" or delivery fails, it is usually for one of these reasons:

  • Insufficient rights - When sending to a campus mailing list, you may not have rights to send to that list. The failure email will usually state this. You can request rights to that list by contacting the Service Desk.
  • Incorrect or Inactive email address - Check the address for correctness. Try manually typing the address or pasting it into the To field instead of relying upon a value that auto-populates.
  • Attachment is too large - If your email has an attachment, it may be too large to be accepted by the recipient. Try removing the attachment to see if your email does through to them, then try sending them a link to the file on Google Drive.
  • An email server or Internet routing issue - sometimes the recipient's email system may be experiencing an issue or outage. Similarly, there could be an issue with an Internet service provider or part of the Internet between here and there. These issues are usually resolved within a day or so.
If you still have questions or concerns, please contact the Technology Service Desk 940-898-3971, servicedesk@twu.edulive chat, or submit a request online.
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