How long will my student TWU Email Account remain open after graduation?

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Asked by Heather Davis on Wed 8/24/16 1:28 PM Last edited Tue 11/8/16 5:01 PM
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Heather Davis Wed 8/24/16 1:28 PM Last edited Thu 6/10/21 12:00 PM


The email policy is undergoing changes currently as there is no published policy about email accounts expiring.

Your TWU account is "active" for one year following graduation, and for now, that is the only metric we use to expire email.

That is subject to change if the policy is published and we will notify all students if that happens.

It is suggested that Alumni take advantage of the TWU Alumni Mail Account, "a free e-mail for life service for graduates of TWU!" For more information see:

Note: This information is for students only. Faculty and Staff email accounts close at the end of day on the last day of employment.

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