Frequently Asked Oracle Cloud Questions Regarding Recruitment


  1. Question:  Why must Students and Graduate Workers apply in both Handshake and Oracle Cloud? 

Answer:  The reasons include both technology and compliance. TWU currently uses two different systems.  Academic requirements can't be confirmed in Oracle Cloud, and employment processing can't be handled in Handshake.

Handshake is the system Career Connections utilizes for Student and Graduate Student employment.  Students can view all “on-campus employment” opportunities by filtering and sorting to find a position that meets their needs.  Handshake and Colleague are integrated. Therefore, departments can screen applicants based on GPA, major, classification, and other requirements for posted positions.

Because Handshake and Oracle Cloud are not integrated, the final candidate is identified in Handshake and applies in Oracle Cloud to transition to an employee. Note: All Student and Graduate Student employment candidates DO NOT need to apply in Oracle - only the final candidate needs to apply. After the candidate applies, the background and offer letter are initiated in Oracle Cloud. Once an applicant accepts the offer, their applicant data is automatically transitioned to a pending employee status. Onboarding information, tasks, and checklists are provided via Oracle Cloud, allowing for the completion of onboarding documents online (except for the I-9 document verification). The pending employee status changes to an active employee status effective the actual employment start date.

  1. Question:  Is the Hiring Manager supposed to initiate the background on the final candidate?

Answer:  No. The Recruitment team will initiate all backgrounds. There is a certain place in the phases/states that we want the Hiring Manager to stop.  This is because the Hiring Manager is not an approved HireRight user, it will cause the background to error out if the Hiring Manager tries to initiate it.

  1. Question:  What phase/state do I need to put my final candidate into?

Answer: These phases/states alert Recruitment that you’ve selected a final candidate:

  • STUDENT: Phase: Interview | State: Recommended
  • GRADUATE: Phase: Graduate School Review | State: Recommended
  • FACULTY: Phase: On Campus Interview | State: Recommended – (Add or Change)
  • STAFF: Phase: Interview 2 | State: Recommended - (Add or Change)
  • ADJUNCT: Phase: Interview | State: Recommended - (Add or Change)
  1. Question:  The link I created to my unposted position won’t work.  What is wrong?

Answer:  Two possibilities:  1.) Check the status of your requisition.  Is needs to be Open / Not Posted for the link to work.  2.) It’s possible that your requisition is flagged to not let applicants apply to it while unposted.  Both require the assistance of the Recruitment team to resolve.  Please reach out to and let us know your link isn’t working.  Be sure to give us the requisition number.

  1. Question:  How do I communicate to the Recruitment team the desired start date, agreed upon salary, and any other important information?

Answer:  As you move your final candidate to “Recommended”, please use the “Comments” box to provide information that you feel is important.  Desired start date (including “ASAP”), agreed upon salary if it is something other than what was advertised, and any other information you feel is important.  (ie: they will be moving from Washington, etc.)  If it’s Adjunct or Faculty please also include course information.

  1. Question:  How do I access an old (filled or cancelled) requisition?

 Answer:  Under “filters” select the “v” symbol to expand your options for “Inactive Requisitions”.  Click the check box for “Include Inactive Requisitions”.  (See training screenshots.)

  1. Question:  How do I access an applicant that I’ve already statused as not selected?

 Answer: While viewing your list of applicants on a requisition, click the “x” next to “Active” to remove the “Active” filter.  Inactive applicants will then appear in your list.  (See training screenshots.)

  1. Question:  Where do I find names and contact information for an applicant’s references?

 Answer: While in the applicant, click on “questions” in the left navigation, and scroll down to where reference names and contact information begin.   (See training screenshots.)

  1. Question:  How do I access the list of position codes for my department?

 Answer: While in the requisition template, cell A8 is a hyperlink to the full list of all position codes.  If you do not see the position code you are looking for, you can reach Heather Stubblefield, Manager of Compensation, to obtain a position code.  (Access requisition template.)

  1. Question:  On a Faculty requisition, if there is an Administrative Stipend, how do I break it out from the Budgeted Salary?

 Answer: Please put the Budgeted Salary (without stipend) under “Budgeted Salary” and then put only the Administrative Stipend in the “Administrative Stipend Salary” field.  In this example, the total salary would be $78,306.00 annually.

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  1. Question:  How do I know whether an applicant elected the veteran or foster youth preference?

 Answer: While in the applicant, click on “extra info” in the left navigation.  Preferences will appear.  If the answer is blank, the applicant chose not to answer the question.   (See training screenshots.)

  1. Question:  How do I apply for TWU positions as a TWU employee?


Click on "Me"
Click on "See More"
Click on "Search Jobs"
You can then use filters to narrow your search if desired

We ask that you not apply through the TWU Careers webpage.  If you apply through the TWU Careers webpage, it recognizes you as a non-employee which can create large challenges as the application and hire are processed.




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