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Ellucian, the parent company of Colleague, provides several overview videos.


Ellucian Colleague: Explore the Colleague User Interface Window

Ellucian Colleague: Set User Preferences

Colleague Keyboard Shortcuts

  • F8 key to exit without saving, CTRL +F8 to exit form entirely
  • F9 key to save a change, CTRL +F9 to save a change and exit form entirely
  • @ to pull up the previous student.

Ellucian Colleague: Access Person and Organization Records

  • Search by Colleague (Student) ID or Last, First name or TWU ID (9-digit number that begins with a 9)
  • If looking at the same student across different forms (mnemonics), use the @ key to search for the student (after the first search)
  • For the TWU ID, it must be entered as ;aid 9XXXXXXXX (there is a space between ";aid" and the TWU ID number)
  • Use first / last name - if multiples, use date of birth or last four of social security number to verify. Also use student ID starts with 1 or 0, 7 digits.

Ellucian Colleague: Work with Person and Organization Records

Ellucian Colleague: Edit Search History

Ellucian Colleague: Access Forms

  • It’s not mandatory to enter “ST “ prior to the mnemonic abbreviation when accessing forms. 
  • Names searches may be entered in the following formats:
    • First Last
    • Last, First
    • The first few initials of the last, first few letters of the first (ex: Pio, Jul). 
  • Also, a “wildcard” search of the first few letters of the last name followed by “...” will pull up all users whose names start with the entered letters.

Ellucian Colleague: Work with Colleague Forms

Ellucian Colleague: Add and View Favorites

Ellucian Colleague: Create Shared Lists

  • The naming convention follows the format: INITIALS_BRIEFDESCRIPTION_TERM OR YEAR. Example: HGG_DEPTGRDLST_2018SP.

Ellucian Colleague: Run a Delivered Colleague Report



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For faculty and staff to log into Ellucian Colleague, that person must first request that an account is created.