URP: V.14.d Staff Attendance Vacation and Sick Leave Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to establish guidelines for staff employee attendance, vacation, and sick leave.

Regular and reliable and predictable attendance is an essential function of each position at Texas Woman’s University.  Punctual and regular attendance is expected of each TWU staff member.  When an employee is unable to report for work, it is the responsibility of the employee to notify the supervisor no less than one (1) hour before their work shift commences.

Under Section 658.005 of the Texas Government Code: regular office hours of a state agency are set from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Employees are expected to observe these times unless there are different departmental work schedules or the employee is working an approved flex-time schedule.



Employees are required to report to work on time.  Punctuality is important for the orderly and productive completion of work.  Being punctual also includes returning from lunch and breaks at the proper time.  Staff employees who report to work late, or who report late coming back from lunch and rest breaks, may be subject to corrective action up to and including dismissal from employment. 

Departmental Attendance Policies

Each department that requires greater operational control and efficiency may develop a specific attendance policy based on its needs.  This TWU policy is a general attendance operating policy guide for all staff employees with departmental attendance policies used as a specific guide for any department that requires greater control of attendance.

Job Abandonment

Termination for job abandonment will result after the employee has missed three (3) consecutive or non-consecutive work shifts within a rolling calendar year period, without properly notifying the employee’s immediate supervisor and/or the appropriate administrative officer of the reason(s) for the absence(s).  Job Abandonment is considered a voluntary termination.

Vacation Leave Accrual

All regular full-time staff employees are eligible to earn paid vacation leave in accordance with the current State of Texas schedule.  Regular part-time employees must work at least 20 hours per week in a regular part-time (half-time) position to earn a prorated share of vacation leave based upon the percent of time worked.  Vacation is earned in accordance with the following schedule:

Total State Employment Including Prior Service

Hours Earned per Month

Days Earned

per Year

Maximum Hours of Earned Vacation Eligible to Carry Forward to Next Fiscal Year

 Less than  2 years




 2  but less than  5 years




 5  but less than 10 years




 10 but less than 15 years




 15 but less than 20 years




 20 but less than 25 years




 25 but less than 30 years




 30 but less than 35 years




 35 or more years




An employee earns vacation leave beginning on the first day of employment with the University and terminating on the last physical day on the job.  Credit for one month’s accrual will be given for each month or fraction of a month of employment.  Vacation with pay cannot be taken until the employee has continuous employment with the State of Texas for six (6) months, although vacation leave will be accrued during that time.

Change to a higher accrual rate (based on years of total eligible service) occurs on the first calendar day of the month if the employee’s anniversary date falls on the first day of the month; otherwise, the increase occurs on the first calendar day of the following month.

Example:  An employee with an anniversary date of September 6th would be eligible for the increased accrual rate the first day of October.                

Employees who have previous State of Texas service should contact the Office of Human Resources to secure proper credit for that employment to earn credit toward vacation accrual.

Vacation earned during one fiscal year may be carried forward to the next fiscal year subject to the maximum hours shown in the chart.  All hours of unused accumulated vacation leave which are above the maximum at the end of the fiscal year are credited to the employee’s sick leave balance as of the first day of the next fiscal year.

Time and Absence Reporting

Staff employees are responsible for accurately reflecting time worked and time not worked on time sheets (manual or electronic).  Further information may be found in URP:V.04.07 (Policy 3.20) Time Reporting - Faculty, Staff, Graduate Assistants and Hourly Employees.

Vacation Leave Use

Vacation ordinarily will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the employee, the department, and the University.  Where conflicts arise, the needs of the University and the department will be given first consideration.

A staff employee who is no longer employed at the University is entitled to be paid for all accrued vacation at the time of separation from University employment, provided the employee has had continuous employment with the State of Texas for six (6) months and is not transferring to another State of Texas agency.  The payout of vacation will occur on the following month’s payroll. A deduction may be taken by the University against an employee’s vacation payout if, at the time of separation, the employee has been overpaid and/or received compensation to which they were not legally entitled from the University.

Sick Leave Accrual and Use

Sick leave will be earned by a regular full-time employee at the current rate of eight (8) hours per month or a fraction of a month of employment.  A regular part-time employee working at least 20 hours per week in a half-time regular part-time position will earn a pro rata share based on the percent time worked.  Sick leave accrual will terminate on the last day of duty.

Sick leave with pay may be taken when sickness, injury, pregnancy or adoption prevents the employee’s performance of duty or when a member of her or his immediate family is actually ill.  Immediate family is defined as those individuals related by kinship, adoption or marriage, as well as foster children certified by the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.

An employee’s use of sick leave for family members not residing in that employee’s household is strictly limited to the time necessary to provide care and assistance to a spouse, child or parent of the employee who needs such care and assistance as a direct result of a documented medical condition.

This provision for taking sick leave does not extend to an employee’s parent-in-law if they do not live in the same household.

Sickness occurring during a vacation period may be charged to sick leave.  When an employee is ill for a continuous period of more than three (3) days while on vacation, in order to be eligible for accumulated sick leave with pay, she or he will be required to furnish a doctor’s certificate showing the cause and nature of the illness or some other written statement of facts concerning the illness which is acceptable to the supervisor.

Voluntary Sick Leave Pool

An employee may be eligible to request time from the sick leave pool if, because of injury or illness, the employee exhausted all the sick leave time to which that employee is otherwise entitled.  URP: V.03.03 (Policy 3.12), Sick Leave Pool provides additional information.  The Sick Leave Pool policy is available in the University Policy Manual.  Employees can download Sick Leave Pool forms in HR Forms or contact the Office of Human Resources for a copy of the form.

TRS Service Credit for Sick Leave

It is the responsibility of the employee to verify whether or not there are sick leave hours that can be counted as service credit.

Absences Due to Illness

Staff employees are required to notify supervisors prior to absences.  In the event of emergencies, when prior notification is impossible, employees are obligated to notify their supervisor of their absence at the earliest possible time.  Staff employees are responsible for keeping their supervisor informed of the status of their absence and an expected return-to-work date.

Absences due to illness continuing for three (3) work shifts or more will require a doctor’s certificate showing the cause and nature of the illness or some other written statement of the facts concerning the illness which is acceptable to the supervisor.  The University may, at its discretion, request a doctor’s release, or other documentation after any absence due to illness before a staff employee is allowed to return to work.  A doctor’s statement and/or appropriate documentation will be maintained by the employing department.  Absences due to illness or injury that continue for more than three (3) work shifts may fall under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and must be reported to the Office of Human Resources.  A form for Request for Family Medical Leave can be obtained from the OHR website or by contacting the benefits area of OHR. 

Patterned Sick Leave Abuse

Staff employees are responsible for the appropriate use of sick leave.  Sick leave abuse occurs when a staff employee uses sick leave for unauthorized purposes or misrepresents the actual reason for charging absences to sick leave.  Abuse may also occur when an employee establishes a pattern of sick leave over a period of time such as the day before or after a holiday, on Mondays and Fridays, after paydays, any one specific day, half-days, or continued patterns of maintaining a zero or near zero sick leave account balance.  Staff employees who engage in sick leave abuse, and/or show a pattern of failing to notify their supervisor of absences, may be subject to corrective action up to and including employment dismissal.


The Vice President for Finance and Administration will review this Policy with recommendations forwarded through normal administrative channels to the Chancellor and President.


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