URP: II.14.d. Proposal Submission Policy


Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is committed to the collaborations of faculty members and researchers with external funding agencies while providing responsible stewardship of University commitments and resources. Such collaborations stimulate scientific discovery and support educational and training activities that improve the lives of TWU students and the university community. This URP outlines requirements for submission of funding proposals to external sources to facilitate compliance, tracking, and management of proposals submitted by the University. 



The Principal Investigator (PI) is the person in charge of a sponsored project. The PI has primary spending authority and primary responsibility to fulfill the technical, scientific, fiscal, administrative, and reporting obligations required by the funding agency. 



All proposals for funding to external agencies will be submitted through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) if they include one or more of the following elements:

  • Governmental source (city, state, or federal),
  • Research,
  • Indirect (facilities and administrative) costs,
  • Peer review requirements,
  • Contracts or subrecipients, and/or
  • Specific reporting requirements.

Proposals for private funding that do not include the above elements are typically submitted through the Office Institutional Development. ORSP can help determine through which of the two offices a proposal should be processed.


Proposal Preparation

Adequate time for review allows TWU officials to understand the proposal and thoughtfully consider the ability of the University to participate in the program. The timely submission of proposals for review allows for the identification of any elements of a proposal that are at variance with TWU policy, practice, or priorities. 

The complete and final proposal, accompanied by any other attachments or approvals required by either the sponsor or the University must be received by ORSP prior to the due date and in time to process the proposal.


Principal Investigator

The PI must be a regular salaried TWU employee at the time of proposal submission and at the time of award, and is generally a full-time faculty member. A request for exception to this requirement must be made to the Vice Provost for Research and Innovation and Dean of the Graduate School (VPRI/DGS). A student may serve as PI on a project with a faculty advisor as Co-PI.   Any proposal from a student requires a faculty Co-Investigator, with the faculty member maintaining fiscal responsibility for the grant.

PIs are expected to work with the ORSP early in the proposal development process to ensure that guidelines are followed, regulatory approvals are initiated, internal commitments are obtained, and appropriate budgets are developed.

PIs are responsible for:

  • adhering to the proposal timeline;
  • engaging ORSP and departmental administrators as early in the process as possible,
  • preparing proposal narrative in sufficient detail and sufficiently in advance to allow adequate review; and
  • collaborating with departmental administrators (e.g., chair, director, associate dean, dean) and ORSP in the development of project budgets and administrative elements of proposals such as course release, cost share, compliance, co-investigator(s), and collaborator commitments.

Grants awarded are the property of TWU. In the event that a PI leaves the employment of the University, TWU has the option to retain the grant. Any decision regarding the disposition of an active grant is based on the wishes of the sponsor and the University’s ability to provide a qualified replacement for the PI.


Administrative Requirements/Approvals

All proposals must be signed by a TWU authorized official (vice president) or designee prior to submission. Proposals must also be signed by the component administrator, the dean, and the VPRI/DGS or their designee prior to submission to the vice president and the sponsoring agency. Projects containing technology support may require review by the Office of Technology. Projects containing special space requirements may require review by Facilities Management.  Projects requiring special financial requirements require review by the Office of Finance and Administration.

The signatures of the component administrator and the dean signify approval of the proposal and agreement to the following:

  • Financial commitments in the proposal are appropriate and available.
  • Faculty and staff commitments are compatible with departmental workloads.
  • Space and specialized equipment required for the project will be available and adequate for the proposed activity.


Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Staff in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs work closely with PIs in preparation of proposals, analyze the responsiveness of the proposal to the requirements of the sponsor’s announcement including the adequacy of budgets and budget justifications, compile required University documents/attachments, obtain the authorized official’s signature, and submit proposals.

Engagement of ORSP staff allows TWU investigators to submit proposals of the highest quality and with the highest probability of success. ORSP professionals review proposals for the following:

  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements,
  • Accuracy and reasonableness of the proposed budget, and
  • TWU’s capacity to complete the project as proposed.




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