URP: II.11.e Academic Administrative Complaints and Appeals


Texas Woman’s University is committed to the fair treatment of all students who have complaints and appeals. The University has traditionally guaranteed students every opportunity for a fair, prompt, and thorough review of complaints and appeals.


The purpose of the policy is to guide students in initiating academic/administrative complaint and appeal procedures.


The policy applies to undergraduate and graduate students seeking resolution for academic/administrative complaints and appeals.  The specific review procedures for each type of complaint or appeal are outlined on the Academic Affairs website.


Complaint:  A dispute concerning some aspect of the student's academic status arising from an administrative or faculty decision that the student regards as incorrect or unjust.
Appeal: A request to a person or authority for a decision to resolve a complaint.

Policy Statement

It is the intention of the University to provide students who have complaints and appeals with adequate internal review and to begin resolving them promptly at the level at which the complaint or appeal originated.  Students should follow university procedures and deadlines to advance a complaint or appeal as needed.  The University expects students to initiate complaint or appeal procedures with the appropriate individual or office and follow university procedures to completion before seeking external consideration.  Procedures designate the office which makes the final decision on each type of academic complaint or appeal.

Complaints or appeals at each level must be made in writing no later than ten class days after the date of the decision at the previous level unless otherwise stipulated in state or federal law.  The ten days for appeals at each level do not include weekends, holidays, or days between academic sessions.  The faculty member or administrator receiving the complaint or appeal will respond within ten class days not including weekends, holidays, or days between academic sessions. Review and decision may require a longer period of time.

Related References

TWU Website on Complaints and Appeals:  https://www.twu.edu/academic-affairs/academic-complaints-appeals.asp


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