URP: I.17.c Key Control


To provide reasonable security for persons and property within University facilities by controlling the distribution and use of keys.


Keys shall be authorized only to persons with a substantial need to lock/unlock specific spaces within a facility without or beyond the hours of access provided by electronic card access. All exterior doors are accessed via the electronic swipe system and no mechanical keys shall be issued for the entrance thereof. They shall be issued after administrative approval of a Key Request, located on the web under Facilities Management & Construction (FMC). Keys remain state property, entrusted to the individual key holder for his/her exclusive use, and must be surrendered to FMC when no longer needed.


The single most frequent cause of loss of building security is inadequate control of keys. Uncontrolled circulation or use of TWU keys so endangers the security of persons and property that violations of the policies hereunder are considered grounds for serious disciplinary action.


The President and Vice Presidents hold all authority to control keys. The delegation of this authority is through two agents: Key Authorizers and the University’s Access Control office (FMC).

Key authorizers act as Vice Presidential agents in deciding what keys are needed by whom, and in authorizing their issue.

FMC acts as a Vice Presidential agent by issuing keys only upon proper authorization and by maintaining records of all issues.    This designated Access Control office is located with the FMC Service Center at 1200 Frame Street.

President and Vice Presidents  

Order the creation of new Key Authorizing Departments. For each department, provide a list of Key Authorizers and the buildings/rooms under their control.

Order the revision of Key Authorizer and/or building/room information as necessary. NOTE: FMC will make no revisions of this information except by signed order from the President or appropriate Vice President.

Department Approver

Provide written approval from Vice President for revision of Key Authorizer or building/room information to FMC.

Request keys only for authorized rooms and only for persons with a significant need to lock/unlock these rooms.

Maintain records, as needed to meet internal departmental needs, of all departmental keys currently issued. Cooperate with FMC in key audits as required.

Enforce this University Regulations and Policy (URP) among key holders. Especially, prohibit the exchanging or loaning of keys and require the return of all keys to FMC when no longer needed.

Departmental Responsibility for Employees leaving TWU:  As a requirement of the completion of the departmental exit process, require every employee leaving to provide written confirmation from FMC that all keys have been returned. If an employee leaves without notice after receiving their final paycheck and does not go through an exit clearance, every effort will be made to recover their keys through the following means.

Faculty Members

The Department Chair and/or Dean have the responsibility for contacting departing faculty members regarding the return of all university keys. Every reasonable effort will be made to insure that the Department Chair and/or Dean will maintain documentation to support that such efforts have been made.

Staff Members

The Department Chair/Head will contact the departing staff member and attempt to recover the keys. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the keys are returned and the Department Chair/Head will maintain documentation to support that such efforts have been made.

Teaching Assistant/Teaching Faculty/Student Employees/Students

The Department Chair/Head will contact the departing employee and/or student and attempt to recover the keys.  If this is unsuccessful, the student's university records will be blocked until such time as the missing keys are returned.

Facilities Management & Construction Department

Maintain records of each Vice President’s designated Key Authorizers and areas authorized. Issue keys after verifying authorization and checking adherence to URP. Maintain records of all locks, key codes, key holders, Key Authorizers, keys issued, returned and deleted. Provide various reports to Key Authorizing Departments. Conduct an audit of each Key Authorizing Departments key record every third year.

Individual Key Holder (A person who has been issued a controlled University key)

Pick up keys in person at FMC’s Service Center, located at 1200 Frame St., across from the ROTC Building. Keys may be delivered for special request that are justified.

Do not exchange keys with or loan keys to another person.

Do not accept, possess, or use a University key unless it has been issued by FMC.

Protect keys from loss, theft, or unauthorized use.

Report lost or stolen keys immediately to the department head and the University Department of Public Safety or FMC.

Lost keys may require the individual to reimburse the university the cost for a new core and/or key, as determined by the Director, Physical Plant.

Return any keys no longer needed.  Return all keys upon termination.  Keys must be returned ONLY to FMC, not to the department. Failure to return University keys may result in the following: a key replacement fee and/or a rekeying charge; blocking of grades. 

University Human Resources Office

As part of exit (clearance) processing, send all terminating employees through Employee Checklist for Separation issued through the Department of Human Resources.


Only one key per room or area will be issued to an individual.  The issuance of multiple keys to individuals or departments for reassignment to others circumvents individual key accountability.

Building master keys may only be authorized by the Chief Facilities Officer.

Grandmaster keys require approval of both the Chief Facilities Officer and Vice President of Finance & Administration.   

Keys to mechanical areas and custodial closets may be authorized only by FMC.

Key to ITS (technology) areas and closets may be authorized only by the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Removal of a lock from the grand master keying system requires written approval from the Vice President for Finance and Administration.  All locks removed from the grand master will be keyed under a special "Protected Master" issued only to the user and the University Department of Public Safety.

If a key has not been picked up from Access Control within 30 days of request, the request will be voided and the Key Authorizing Department notified.

When keys are lost, stolen or not returned to FMC, the Key Authorizing Department officials and the Chief Facilities Officer will determine whether affected locks require re-keying. The appropriate department will be required to pay to re-key the area affected. The cost to re-key each lock will be $35.00. Key replacement will be $7.00.

It is unlawful for any person or group other than FMC to produce, duplicate, or alter a University Key.  Only this shop may make repairs, additions, alterations, re-keying, or reassignment of a University lock.

Due to the security impact of the regulations herein, any deviation from them will require written justification and authorization of the President or Vice President for Finance and Administration.





Departmental Approver

Determine whether the key requester has a substantial need to unlock or lock the area in question to assure that only authorized keys are requested.

Completes approval authorization of Key Request online, filling in all required information.

Key Requester and Holder

Request key online utilizing computerized system.  Present photo I.D. Card, sign for and receive key.

Return key to FMC when it is no longer needed.

FMC Access Control

Review requests and determine correct mechanical key assignment for clients based on knowledge of system and previous keys assigned.

Process Key Requests via computerized authorization verification and prepare key for pick up.

(Notification of “Key Ready” is and prepare key for pick up

(Notification of “Key Ready” is emailed to Key Requestor through computerized system.)

Maintain permanent records of all returned keys.

Perform internal key audits

Maintain records of each transaction.

Requesting Department

Assure employees return all keys to FMC when no longer needed.

Assure every effort is made to collect and return keys to FMC not returned upon termination or enrollment at TWU.


TWU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guest


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