URP: I.23.h Drone Use (UAV)

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The University’s Use of Unmanned Aircraft/Unmanned Vehicles (UAV) or  “Drones” Regulation and Procedure has been developed to protect the safety and privacy of faculty, staff, students, visitors and neighbors and to protect University buildings and property, while facilitating the use of drone technology for research, teaching, operations and outreach activities. This URP applies to TWU employees and students operating unmanned aerial vehicles in any location in which TWU owns, operates, rents, or leases property;  any unmanned aerial vehicles purchased by TWU to include using university accounts, grants, or TWU Foundation accounts; and the hiring or contracting of any unmanned aircraft services from a third party.


Unmanned Aircraft/Unmanned Vehicles (UAV) or “Drone” - Any unmanned aircraft or unmanned vehicle, unmanned remote control and free-flight drones, helicopters, airplanes, mechanically propelled or propellant guided balloons, and rockets, of any size or weight along with all of the associated support equipment.

University Property – Buildings, grounds, and land that are owned by the University or controlled by the University via rental agreements, leases or other formal contractual arrangements to house ongoing TWU operations.

Regulations/ PROCEDURES

  1. The use of drones is permitted only for approved educational, research or University marketing purposes.
  1. The use of drones on or in University owned, rented or leased property by individuals for recreational purposes is strictly prohibited.
  1. The purchase of a UAV must be pre-approved by the Department of Risk Management (DRM).
  1. UAV operators must not photograph, video, or monitor areas where other members of the University community or members of the general public would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  1. UAV operators must comply with all Federal, State and City laws.  A violation of law (trespassing, illegal surveillance, reckless endangerment) or violations of University policies may subject the individual(s) to both criminal and/or disciplinary action.  Damages/injuries occurring to University property or individuals will be the responsibility of the UAV operator.

Approval Procedures

The DRM has the authority to approve or deny the use of a UAV on or in University property.

Any university employee or student wanting to operate a UAV as part of their employment or an official university program is required to:

  1. Submit a TWU UAV Application to the DRM
  2. Meet the requirements set by the FAA UAV Rule Part 107. This includes the operator obtaining Remote Pilot Certificate.
  3. Once approved by the DRM, obtain appropriate insurance coverage for the UAV from the DRM. Premium for coverage is charged back to the respective department.
  4. Re-submit proposals to the DRM for use of the UAV if the purpose of its use changes.
  5. Re-submit proposals to the DRM if a new, replacement, or upgraded UAV is purchased for use.


 TWU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guest


The University must comply with FAA requirements, state law, and any other locally applicable laws or regulations regarding unmanned aircraft systems. Inherent risks in the operation of such equipment require additional insurance provisions and policy considerations.


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