URP: I.24.e Naming Events

These guidelines govern the naming of an existing university event in honor of an individual who has been instrumental in developing or continuing that event. The naming of an event is intended to recognize truly distinguished, long-term service on behalf of the event and/or sponsoring component(s).




  1. The policy applies to existing events such as regularly scheduled lectures, symposia, or seminars.  The event should be well established at the time of the naming.


  1. Naming and continuing the event should require no additional university resources.


  1. The honoree should have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and service to/through the event over a significant period of time.


  1. While this policy does not require the honoree to be a member of the faculty or staff of the University, the honoree must be closely associated with the event and/or sponsoring component(s).




  • Nominations should be made by the component(s) primarily responsible for the event.   Events occurring in the Fall should be nominated during the previous Spring term.   Events occurring in the Spring should be nominated during the previous Fall term. 


  • Nominations should have the strong endorsement of the component(s) and all administrators in the chain (ordinarily department chair/director/associate dean and dean).


  • After the component(s) and appropriate administrators have reviewed and endorsed a nomination, it will be forwarded to the Faculty Awards Committee no later than the first Monday in October in the Fall term, and no later than the first Monday in February in the Spring term.    Nominations received after the deadlines will be reviewed by the Committee during the following long academic term.    The Faculty Awards Committee does not meet in the Summer.   Questions or suggestions from the Faculty Awards Committee will be referred to the nominating component(s) for consideration and resubmission through the endorsement process.


  • Nominations reviewed and recommended by the Faculty Awards Committee will be forwarded to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will make a final recommendation to the Chancellor.


  • After the naming has been approved by the Chancellor, it may be announced at a time appropriate to the event.


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