Endowments create a foundation intended to build lasting financial strength providing stable, long-term funding to Texas Woman’s University that benefits both the university and its students. Endowed funds generate income from the principal investment and once in place, endowments provide permanent support for teaching and research, student aid, and an abundance of other academic programs and activities.

You can establish an endowment with a minimum of $25,000 and your pledge can be built up over a 5 year period. How the funds are distributed will be specified by the Texas Woman’s University Foundation in conjunction with you, the donor. After the funds have been invested for a certain period of time (typically a full fiscal year), it generates returns that can be used in accordance with the account guidelines. The interest earned is the only portion that is ever spent making an endowment a lasting gift to the University that continues in perpetuity.

You may want to create an endowment that will carry your name or the name of someone you wish to honor. When you establish an endowment you create a lasting heritage that expresses your confidence in the future of Texas Woman’s University. Your gift truly makes a difference in the lives of so many students, faculty, and staff.

To learn more about making an endowed gift to Texas Woman’s University, please contact:

Patrice Frisby

Director of Major Gifts








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