Chalking Protocols

Denton Campus

  • Chalk must be made for use on sidewalks and must be easily removed by water.
  • Chalking is only allowed on smooth sidewalks where the weather or sprinklers will eventually remove the chalking.
  • Profanity and/or harassment will not be tolerated.

The following areas/campus locations that are prohibited from chalking are listed below, but not limited to:

  • Stairwells (Interior & Exterior)
  • Sidewalks with an overhang of any kind
  • Sidewalks around the perimeter of the ACT building
  • Bricked areas anywhere on campus
  • Gravel or non-smooth sidewalks
  • Any structure or building on campus
  • Sidewalks around the Little Chapel
  • Parking lots where cars are traveling and parking

Dallas Campus
Please see the Office of Student Life for information about chalking on the Dallas campus.

Houston Campus
No chalking is allowed on the Houston campus.


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