Serious Illness or Injury Protocol

If a member of the faculty, staff, student body, or a visitor is hurt on campus property, he or she is required to report the accident to the Department of Public Safety. If the injured person is unable or unwilling to report the accident, any member of the university community having knowledge is required to report it. The department will coordinate medical treatment, initiate investigations, and refer individuals to proper offices for preparation of worker’s compensation forms, if required. Student accidents will be reported to the Office of Student Life. Department of Public Safety will retain responsibility for the investigation and reporting of injury accidents.

If you encounter a person who is seriously injured or ill, do not attempt to move the individual unless a life-threatening situation exists (i.e. a fire in the building).

If you are trained in first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), you should begin to help the individual. It is important to remember not to become a victim yourself. As soon as you can, call the Department of Public Safety at extension 2911 on campus and 911 off campus and provide the following information:
your name;

  • the telephone number and the location from which you are calling;
  • the condition of the victim;
  • whether or not an ambulance is required;
  • whether or not the person is ambulatory;
  • whether or not anyone has started first aid or CPR;
  • whether or not any hazardous situation exists with regard to reaching the victim i.e., fire, downed electrical power lines, etc.
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