Security Access to Residence Halls and Residence Apartments

The exterior doors of Guinn Hall, Parliament Village, and Stark Hall are locked 24 hours a day. Residents of Guinn Hall or Stark Hall can swipe their TWU ID card in the card reader to gain entry to the lobby of the building and then use their key to gain entry to their specific residence hall room. During that time, residents may gain entry by swiping their TWU ID card in the card reader. Lowry Wood residential apartments are gated and require residents to swipe their TWU ID card to gain entry to the apartment building where they live. Once inside the gate, residents have a key to open their specific apartment.

Lost TWU ID cards should be reported immediately to ID Service Office for deactivation. This will prevent anyone from using the lost card to gain access to the residence halls and apartments.

The University reserves the right to remove any item from the residential facilities, including students’ apartments that are either prohibited by college policy or compromises student health or safety. Residents will be held accountable through the conduct process and the item in question may or may not be returned to the student.

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