Fire Safety

Any person who is responsible for a fire in any facility; interfering with fire officials; interfering or tampering with a fire alarm or safety equipment; or creating false alarms will be subject to University conduct action, monetary fines and/or civil/legal action. This includes covering a smoke detector in any way, for any reason, silencing a fire alarm, or hanging anything from the sprinklers/smoke detectors.

All individuals on campus are required to participate in fire drills. Evacuation of the building by everyone inside is required immediately after the fire alarm sounds. Any person who discovers a fire should immediately call for assistance by dialing 911, evacuate the building, and pull the fire alarm on the way out if possible. The storage of explosives or flammable substances within any residence hall is strictly prohibited. In addition, the use of other flaming articles, including candles and incense, is prohibited in all instances unless provided by the university in a class/job (e.g. Bunsen burners, cutting torch). Furthermore, candles and/ or incense are not permitted, even if not lit. No excessively flammable furnishings or decorations may be used. Halogen lamps, extension cords used permanently, and power strips plugged into power strips (“daisy-chaining”) are not allowed. Failure to abide by the above fire safety guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

A current Fire Log for fires that have occurred in Student Housing is available at TWU DPS or by calling the Clery Compliance Officer directly at 940.898.2937. Other fire safety information (including arson on campus and fire statistical information for Student Housing) can be found in the most recent Annual Security & Fire Safety Report. The Annual Security & Fire Safety Report can be located on the TWU DPS website under the Clery Act Information section. If you would like a paper copy of the report printed out you may request one from TWU DPS.

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