Tutoring Centers

Dr. Don Edwards Mathematics and Technology Success Center
Paul Ingram, Coordinator
Phone: 940.898.2169
Fax: 940.898.2179
Email: pingram@twu.edu
Website: www.twu.edu/mtsc/
Location: Multipurpose Classroom Laboratory Building 307

MTSC is available to help you reach your educational goals in math and technology through technology programs and individual or group tutoring. Tutoring is provided for TWU students who are enrolled in math and technology courses or enrolled in any courses with math or technology components. We also tutor students in any statistics course and the statistical software: SAS and SPSS.

Additional resources and information are located on the website and in MTSC.

Science Resource Learning Center (SLRC)
Mehgann Mallory, Coordinator
Phone: 940.898.2553
Email: mmallory@twu.edu
Website: www.twu.edu/slrc/
Location: Ann Stuart Science Complex 365

SLRC offers you resources and tutoring for chemistry, biology, and physics courses. We offer supplemental handouts and study guides, tutoring, and access to a variety of resources designed to support your learning. We also offer computer-assisted instruction, audiovisual materials, examination files, printed references, and molecular model components.

Additional information and resources are available on our website.

Write Site
Jennifer Phillips-Denny, PhD. Coordinator
Phone: 940.898.2341
Email: jphillipsdenny@twu.edu
Website: www.twu.edu/write-site/
Location: Blagg-Huey Library 235

The Write Site helps you improve your writing skills including pre-writing, brainstorming, drafting, organizing, and revising your work. Schedule an appointment for face-to-face help, or get help through our Online Writing Lab (OWL). We offer individualized and computer-aided writing instruction as well as special workshops and programs on writing related topics. Graduate and undergraduate students in every discipline are welcome to make appointments with experienced writing counsultants who can offer assistance in invention, grammar and mechanics, organization, documentation, matters of style, and special needs. See the website for additional information and to make an appointment.

(The student services and resources described are available to students currently enrolled at the University. For some services or events, a fee may be charged and/or proper TWU identification may be required. Services vary from one university site to another.)


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