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Constance Menard, M.D., F.A.A.P., Director
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Student Health Services (SHS) is dedicated to providing quality health care and preventative services to the students of our University. SHS strives to assist each student in maintaining maximum health, so that students  may realize to the fullest extent possible the educational opportunities afforded by the university.

Any enrolled student may call the “Ask a Nurse” telephone service at 940.898.3827 whenever the Denton Clinic is open. Information regarding student health records, immunization requirements, lists of area health care providers, and assistance with understanding medical bill/insurance claims can be obtained from SHS.

Prior to participating in a volunteer experience or an external learning experience for an academic professional program, you may need to update your health history, immunizations, and/or have a physical exam. SHS can facilitate the process by providing a health form to be used and a list of all current immunizations. Advance planning is advised.

Every effort is made to protect the confidentiality of students' health records. Access to these records is limited to University personnel whose job responsibilities require information from these records. All staff are HIPAA and FERPA trained.

Immunizations and Tuberculosis
As a student, you are responsible for the accurate completion of all of your health history records. Vaccinations should be current when you are admitted to TWU, including your meningitis immunization.

Effective January 1, 2012, Texas law requires that all new entering and transfer college students, age 21 and younger, must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis. An entering student also includes a student who has had a break of enrollment for one or more fall or spring semesters. For more information, including age requirements, please see: Immunization Compliance: Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

Texas State law requires certain immunizations for students majoring in allied health programs prior to the start of their clinical training. Please check with your program for more information; Immunization Demographic Forms are found on the SHS website:

All new international, newly transferred international students, and those considered to be International by TAC §21.25(c) (formerly, HB 1403) or TEC 54.052 who were born in, resided in, or traveled to a country other than the United States, are required to have completed the screening process for tuberculosis (TB Blood testing only) prior to registering for class.  Students must complete the Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirement Form for New Students and submit all required documentation. Screening may be done at Student Health Services on the Denton campus, the subcontracting clinic sites in Dallas or Houston, or any other licensed medical facility in the United States. Students with positive TB test results or history of taking TB prophylaxis or treatment are required to be evaluated by a medical provider and submit a Statement of Tuberculosis Clearance Form. For additional information regarding this policy, please see Tuberculosis Screening or contact Student Health Services

Medical Excuses
Requests for medical excuses must be made during a medical visit within 2 days of the illness or by the following Monday if a Friday class was missed. Beyond this time, we reserve the right to decline requests.

Students requesting to drop classes or withdrawing from a semester for medical reasons are required to  have two or more appointments with SHS during the requesting semester for the treatment of a severe or chronic condition or illness. Requests must be made at least one week before the end of classes for the current semester and an appointment with a medical provider to discuss the matter is required before a letter will be written. Student Health Services reserves the right to decline requests not meeting the above criteria.

Phone: 940.898.3826 or 940.898.3825
Toll Free: 888.898.8825
Fax: 940.898.3844
Location: Jones Hall at 604 Administration Drive Suite 120

Denton Campus Outpatient Clinic
Student Health Services is open Monday through Friday from 8AM until 5PM year round for the diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury, as well as prevention services such as immunizations and wellness examinations. Mental health services are also available. Patient care is provided by physicians. Registered nurses are on duty to assist in treating health care problems. The nurses also provide an “Ask a Nurse” telephone service for all registered TWU students when the clinic is open.

SHS is closed when the University is officially closed, i.e. at Thanksgiving, the winter holidays and during closure for inclement weather. If immediate medical care is required at these times, students are referred to local hospitals or urgent care clinics off campus. The TWU Department of Public Safety may assist in calling for emergency transport in the event of a medical emergency.

Fees are assessed for office visits, lab services, medications, and medical equipment/ supplies. All x-rays are referred to off-campus facilities, and students are responsible for all charges. SHS offers an optional pharmacy delivery service through the Drug Emporium in Denton. Prescriptions are delivered to the Denton clinic twice daily for pick-up or mailed to you for a small fee. If you wish to use the pharmacy service to fill prescriptions written by your personal physician(s), then you must complete the required pharmacy forms and prescriptions must be brought or faxed to SHS.
If you require specialty care not available at the SHS, you will be assisted in referral to a community provider or hospital. The University assumes no responsibility for transportation or any costs related to private medical care.

Transportation to the Denton Campus Clinic
Officers from the Department of Public Safety may, on occasion, escort sick or injured students to SHS. Individuals who are sick or who have minor injuries and can walk with some assistance should be escorted to a vehicle and transported to SHS. An ambulance is not available to transport students to SHS. Individuals who have serious injuries, i.e., broken bones, severe bleeding, prolonged unconsciousness, spinal injury, etc., should be transported directly to a city hospital by a city ambulance.

Student Life Office - Dallas
Phone: 214.689.6696
Fax: 214.689.6688
Location: Suite 3600

Conveniently located medical care for students near the TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas includes Concentra Urgent Care and students with the Student Health Insurance Plan have the deductible waived here. For additional information and hours of operation, contact Concentra or visit their website. Student Health Services offers immunization and clinic services on designated days at the Dallas campus, as well as Health Promotion events. Students are welcome to visit Student Health Services in Denton and to utilize the “Ask a Nurse” telephone service from 8AM until 5PM Monday through Friday (see Denton Campus Outpatient Clinic above).

Concentra Urgent Care
2920 W. Stemmons Freeway 75247
Phone for Appointments: 214.630.2331

Student Life Office - Houston
Deborah Unruh, Assistant Director of Student Life
Phone: 713-794-2157
Fax: 713-794-2169
Location: Room #2300

TWU provides access to medical care for students in Houston through the UT Health Services and students with the Student Health Insurance Plan have the deductible waived. For additional information and hours of operation, contact the UT Health Services or visit their website. Immunization clinics are held periodically on the Houston campus. Students may utilize the “Ask a Nurse” telephone service from 8AM until 5PM Monday through Friday (see Denton Campus Outpatient Clinic above.) 

UT Health Services
7000 Fannin St
Suite 1620
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 713.500.3267 



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