Legal Disclaimers and Reservations

The right is reserved to change any of the policies, regulations, procedures, guidelines, and/or rules of the University at any time, including those relating to admission, instruction, and graduation. The right to withdraw curricula and specific courses, alter course content, change the calendar, and to impose or increase fees similarly is reserved. All such changes are effective at such times as the proper authorities determine and may apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are already enrolled in Texas Woman's University. This student handbook supersedes all previous student handbooks governing student life at the Texas Woman’s University. The information, policies, and procedures contained in this student handbook do not constitute a contract and are subject to change without prior notice.

All current University Policies and University Regulations and Procedures (URPs) may be found at: Policies and URPs that appear in this handbook may be updated. You should always refer to the TWU website for the most current versions.


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