Welcome Letter from the Chancellor and President

Dear Students,

Portrait of Dr. Feyten, Chancellor and President of Texas Woman's University

I want to welcome you to the 2020-2021 academic year at Texas Woman’s University. Together with the faculty and staff, you belong to a community of scholars, creators, and thought leaders who care deeply about their work and community, expecting excellence from themselves, from each other, and from this institution.

I believe we shine brightest when we collaborate with others, respecting the valued perspective that each of us brings to the table. When I attended an all-girls school while growing up, my mother would laughingly say that if there were a foreigner in my class, she would be my friend. I have always sought out people who were different from me so that I could learn about languages and cultures from them and share mine. The beautiful diversity we are privileged to have within the Texas Woman’s community affords you the opportunity to seek out friends who share your core values but who are otherwise different from you. Here, it is in standing out that you will most fit in.

I very much hope you make time to interact with me sometime during this academic year. I host numerous open meetings, Tweet-ups, and speak at many campus events. So engage with me at one of these, or if you see me around at one of our campuses, take a minute to say hello and introduce yourself. Nothing brightens my day more than a chat with students.

Thank you again for choosing to be part of the Texas Woman’s community. I send you my best wishes for a productive and successful academic year!


Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.

Chancellor and President



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