Reports and Analytics in Oracle Cloud

Reports and Analytics

One of the features of Oracle Cloud is its robust transactional reporting capabilities. Oracle provides several tools to create and run transactional reporting directly from the application, without the need for downloading and working with the data locally in Excel. Users must have an account and be logged into Oracle Cloud in order to access transactional reporting. 

Note - Oracle reporting is secured using role-based access control, as well as data security controls. A report, or the output produced by a report may not be available due to security or privacy restrictions. To request access to a report, please submit an Oracle Cloud support ticket. 

Navigate to the Business Intelligence (BI) Catalog

Both custom developed and Oracle-delivered reports are stored in the Business Intelligence (BI) Catalog within Oracle Cloud. There are two ways to navigate to the Business Intelligence catalog.

1. Click on the Hamburger Icon on the top left corner. Select Tools. Select Reports and Analytics

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2. Alternatively, from the Home screen, click Tools. Click Reports and Analytics

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The following landing page will appear for Reports and Analytics. 

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Browse for reports in the BI Catalog

On the Reports and Analytics home screen, browse the BI catalog using one of these methods: utilize the breadcrumb-style navigation in the grey bar (just under the Reports and Analytics title) or click Browse Catalog

Tip - Use the breadcrumb navigation to quickly access reports when you know the folder path of the report. Use the Browse Catalog to directly access the BI Catalog to see what reports are currently available to you. 

Oracle reports that are available for campus users are stored under the following folder path - /Shared Folders/Custom/Reports/. Custom developed Oracle reports will have a prefix of "TWU" in their report names

Breadcrumb navigation

To use the breadcrumb method, click the double arrows >> to expand the folders. Click on each subsequent folder in the path to navigate to the report. Reports that are currently available to run are displayed in the middle of the page. Click the empty star icon to add a report to your Favorites list, which will appear when you first load the Reports and Analytics landing page. 

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Browse Catalog navigation

Click the maroon Browse Catalog button in the upper right corner. A new browser window will open displaying the BI Catalog.  The folder navigation menu is on the left hand side.  Expand a folder by clicking on the arrow next to the folder, or by double-clicking the folder name. Navigate to the folder containing the report.  Click  Open to run the report. Save a report to your list of Favorites by clicking on More... Add to Favorites

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Manage reports saved to Favorites

Frequently used reports can be saved to your Favorites list. Reports saved to Favorites will show up on the landing page after you click on Reports and Analytics in Oracle Cloud. Click on the filled star to remove the report from Favorites. 

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Reports added as Favorites can be accessed within the BI catalog from the drop down menu at the top under Favorites. Manage and organize favorite reports similar to bookmarks in a web browser.

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