Bridge Training for Contractors (who use TWU info systems)

Access Process

  1. The contractor's supervisor (or equivalent) should email with the contractor's name and TWU email address.
  2. In the email, note if the contractor will be fully remote or will be on campus (full or part-time). If on campus, please identify the campus.
  3. The supervisor should also indicate any special training that may be required (e.g. ITS has specific training for its staff; contractors with access to certain areas or equipment may need additional training). If uncertain, please provide as much info as possible about the contractor's responsibilities so that appropriate training can be assigned.
  4. The contractor will receive an email with the subject line, "Welcome! Learning Awaits" inviting them to create an account. They will need to use the email address to which the invitation was sent to create a NEW, UNIQUE password which will only be used in Bridge.
  5. After creating the account, the contractor will navigate to
  6. The supervisor should follow up with for questions about contractor training and/or completion.

Mandatory Training for Contractors (who use TWU info systems)

Access and Admin Contractors in Sub-Bridge

  1. Matt has to give you admin access first
  2. Access via Admin in > then General > Subaccounts > TWU Student and Volunteer Training > Click SWITCH TO ACCOUNT (or access directly via
  3. You can assign and track the completion of courses for contractors in this version of Bridge
  4. To add a course to the sub-Bridge: Create the course in regular Bridge. Ask Matt to access the course view for "affiliated accounts" and then just a toggle switch for making it visible in the subaccount.

FYI - You can definitely hide a training so only those who have to take it see it. Basically just don't include it in a category that is included in the course library.


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