Special Events Policy

Special Events Form - Released August 2022

Texas Woman's University defines a special event as any event with an anticipated attendance of 100 individuals or more, or an event where alcohol is served, or an outdoor event with the use of amplified sound, or an outdoor race or walk event. This Special Event Policy, which includes guidelines designed to provide safety and risk management for special events, applies to all events which meet these criteria not specifically exempted by the Special Events Review Committee.


  1. The committee will review the special event request and make a security assignment based on the event details.  One DPS Employee per 100 participants is required to be present at all special events. Historical reference of past events may be used to determine security assignment.  The sponsoring organization or individual is responsible for payment for security services, and payment is due 15 working days prior to the event
  2. All late night events must end by 1:00 am. Clean up must be completed by 2:00 am.  For outdoor events, amplified sound must end by 10:00 pm. All events must comply with the city noise ordinances. The Special Event Committee must approve outdoor events with amplified sound that may conflict with events in nearby buildings. The University reserves the right to stop or reduce sound if complaints are received.
  3. Estimates of attendance may be increased or decreased by the Special Events Committee.
  4. Texas Woman's University, through the Special Events Committee, reserves the right to refuse the use of buildings, grounds, and facilities for any activity for reasons of priority use by university groups, calendar issues, non-payment, or concerns for community safety.
  5. The sponsoring organization or individual is responsible for leaving the facility, grounds, and parking areas free of trash and litter. Forfeiture of all or part of the deposit or actual charges may be required if it is necessary to provide additional cleaning after an event.
  6. Officers will make rounds through the buildings and nearby grounds, and additional officers may be assigned to parking areas. Officers will remain on duty at least half an hour after the event ends and/or all guests have left the TWU campus.
  7. The Special Events Committee will include: Director of the Student Union and Conference Services, Director of the Center for Student Development, Director of Public Safety, Associate Director of Conference Services, and Manager of University Scheduling or their designees. The committee meets on a regular basis to review reservation requests.
  8. Texas Woman’s University reserves the right to designate locations, times, and conditions under which alcoholic beverages may be served and under which persons of legal drinking age may consume or possess beer, wine, or distilled spirits in or on any property under the control or jurisdiction of the University.  
    • Alcohol may not be served at any University academic or class event.
    • Texas Woman’s University registered student organizations may not serve, sell, or consume alcoholic beverages at any organization meeting or function, on or off campus.
  9. Pending approval of a special event form and Mazevo reservation request, amplified sound is allowed at the Hubbard Oval and Amphitheater between 12pm and 1pm, and 4 pm and 10pm Monday through Friday. All events must comply with city noise ordinances. The university reserves the right to stop or reduce sound if complaints are received.
  10. Events where cash is exchanged, but do not meet any of the aforementioned special events criteria, will not be reviewed for security assignment.
  11. All race/walk events (including 5ks, triathlons, fun runs, etc.) must complete a Special Event Form and provide a map of the event route for approval by the Special Events Committee.

Student Organizations
All student organizations requesting reservations for special events must be approved by the Center for Student Development (Denton) or Student Life Office (Dallas and Houston).


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