Dallas Campus Area COVID-19 Resources

Mental Health Resources 

Live and Work Well

  1. Under Trending Topics
    1. There are numerous articles to help with stress and self-care
  2. Under "Find More"
    1. There is additional support information that does not require you to register for services

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Emotional Support Resources

Phone: 866-342-6892

Free counseling support to anyone. 

Unemployment & Housing Support

Tutorial for How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits Online (opens a PowerPoint)

Within the tutorial, there are important phones and suggestions for what time of day is best to apply for benefits. The tutorial also lists the necessary documents for applying for unemployment benefits. 

Texas COVID-19 Housing Resources and Information

The Texas Department of Housing and Commmunity Affiars website lists multiple resources from various state departments and federal supports. The resources include housing and health services information. 


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