Why do I have to use more than one browser?

Asked by Heather Davis on Tue 3/22/16 12:05 PM
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Heather DavisTue 3/22/16 12:10 PMLast edited Thu 1/9/20 6:11 PM

Several of the applications TWU uses require certain settings on plug-ins like Java and Silverlight. These applications work best in the Internet Explorer browser. Examples include Phoenix (Oracle E-Business) and Colleague (Student Information System).

All TWU students use TWU GMail and that application works best in the Chrome browser. Faculty and staff who choose to use GMail will also want to use Chrome. All of the Google Apps (drive, sheets, docs, etc.) work best in Chrome.

Most web-based applications (such as Canvas) work well in most browsers. TWU employees should have access to a variety of browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Don't see the browser you want? Contact the Technology Service Desk 940-898-3971, servicedesk@twu.edu, live chat, or submit a service request online.

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