Panopto Lecture Capture in Canvas (Students)

Panopto is a lecture capture application that is used to create recordings of classroom-based activities that are made available for review by students in a course.

Getting started using Panopto Recordings:

  1. Find and View Panopto Recordings in Canvas
  2. View the Panopto recording: Navigate the Viewer or Viewing a Video (Video)
  3. Download a Video for Offline Viewing (must be enabled by the instructor)
  4. Accessibility Features

There are 3 support options:

  1. For online help refer to Panopto Support
  2. For online videos refer to the Panopto Playlist
  3. For technical support or help with specific questions, please contact the TWU Technology Service Desk

External Links:

  1. Find and View Panopto Recordings in Canvas:
  2. Navigate the Viewer:
  3. Viewing a Video (Video):
  4. Download a Video for Offline Viewing:
  5. Accessibility Features:
  6. Panopto Support:
  7. Panopto Playlist:
  8. Technology Service Desk:


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