URP: V.15.h Faculty Consulting, Outside Employment, and Conflicts of Interest

It is understood that the Texas Woman's University is committed to the recruit­ment, appointment, and retention of faculty of exceptional professional compe­tence.  These persons are encouraged to pursue the full range of their talents and abilities by participating in external professional activities and affilia­tions.  The University understands that such activities and affiliations not only enhance the professional competency of these individuals but also render valuable service to the University and the surrounding world community.


The University and the state of Texas expect that the primary responsibility of faculty is to perform well their responsibilities in teaching, research, service, and administration (if applicable).  Therefore, it is incumbent on the faculty to exercise prudence in participating in activities not directly associated with the faculty's primary responsibilities to the state, whether they be remunerated or not, in order that these activities do not interfere with the performance of University duties.


Standards of Conduct: No state officer or state employee should accept or solicit any gift, favor, or service that might reasonably tend to influence the discharge of official duties or that the officer/employee knows or should know is being offered with the in­tent to influence official conduct.


No state officer or state employee should accept employment or engage in any busi­ness or professional activity which one might reasonably expect would require or induce the disclosure of confidential information acquired by reason of that individual's official position.


No state officer or state employee should accept other employment or compensation which could reasonably be expected to impair independence of judgment in the per­formance of official duties.


No state officer or state employee should make personal investments which could reasonably be expected to create a substantial conflict between that individual's private interest and the public interest.


No state officer or state employee should intentionally or knowingly solicit, accept, or agree to accept any benefit for having exercised any official powers or for performing any official duties in favor of another.


Dual employment with the state of Texas must be disclosed to both the University and the other state agency prior to the acceptance of the additional employment with the state.  Those engaging in dual employment with the state must abide by all laws and regulations of the Texas Woman's University, the state of Texas and the federal government.


Conflict of Interest: Matters of conflict of interest may arise when a faculty member engages in con­sulting and outside employment activities with external entities.  The best and most accurate method by which to identify conflicts of interest is early and meaningful disclosure to the proper persons by the affected faculty member of any activities or relationships which could cause such a conflict.



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