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Pioneer Assistance Scholarship recipients for Spring 2019

Leslie  Fredrickson Dependent Rebecca Fredrickson, Teacher Education
Zoe  Layton Dependent Amy Layton, Research & Sponsored Programs
Jose Marcelino Dependent Sarah Kate Henderson, Registrar's Office
Karley  Bayer Dependent Robin Bayer, Finance and Administration
Margo  Tanner Dependent Scott Tanner, Facilities Management
Joycelyn Dean-Wolf Full Time Staff Office of Admission Processing/Registrar
Aubree Evans Full Time Staff Center for Faculty Excellence
Kristina Papa Full Time Staff E-Communications & Campus Visit Experience
Sandra Walker Full Time Staff Enrollment Management
Kortney  Kosak Full Time Staff Office of Technology
Michelle Prudhomme-Coleman Full Time Staff Diversity Inclusion & Outreach
Kimberly  Mory Faculty Communication Sciences & Disorders

The PAS application form is included below for those very few employees that do not have computer access at either work or home, all others including dependents are expected to utilize the university’s Academic Works system located at:


To be considered for eligibiility, all PAS applications must be submitted no later than 7/31/2019 for the Fall 2019 term.

If you have any questions please contact any member of the human resources benefits team:

Holly Harris
Senior HR Generalist
(940) 898-3542

Angela Cagle,
Manager of Benefits
(940) 898-3552


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