How to know if my course is in Blackboard or Canvas

To find out if you course is in Canvas or Blackboard, the best place to look is in Student Planning.

For the next few semesters you can find out from the My Courses page on the TWU website, open your web browser. I suggest using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and go to the TWU website. In the browser’s address bar type click Enter and the TWU website will open.

Click on:

  1. Info for
  2. Current Students
  3. On the page under Top Links click My Courses

The My Courses page will open. The courses offered in Canvas are listed on the My Courses page below the Log into Canvas button. You will want to review the list of Canvas courses to find out if your Course will be taught in Canvas. If your course is not listed here then your course is in Blackboard.

Use your TWU Portal Username and Password to log into Blackboard or Canvas.

External Links:

  1. Student Planning:
  2. TWU website:


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